The world is out there

By | 2016年7月31日

※I can’t mention and explain everything at once. Please, focus on only what I mention.

There is the window, beyond it, the world is out there. The view we’re watching is a part of the city and the city is a part of the world. We’re watching it from a room.

When you regard something outside of the room, which way of thinking is reasonable?

A. recognizing it, understanding it by me with my understanding.
B. observing it, researching it by yourself directly.

You have better eyes than mine, then is there any reason you should watch the world in front of you by me? If you want to know about something of the world, You should face the outside of this room, not me!

This direct-indirect relationship is the same relations of a book and its target object and you. Books are always about something of the world, and you are always an observer and an actor in the world.

Books seem to be a fragment of the world are so precious, but don’t be too crazy about a book. That just argue about the world, and the world is in front of you. Please don’t forget that.

By the way, Do you agree that we are here and there is something outside of the room, and This room also is a part of the city and we are in there? If you agree with me, we are going to the next step.



※If you think of something I didn’t mentioned about, Please look at the red line above.



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