We come after the world

By | 2016年8月22日

※Who can explain everthing at the same time? So, please, focus on only what I mention.

Figure: relation of object and subject

We’re going to the next step.

They come after the world.

As I mentioned previously, There’re the relationships of the book and its target object which is a part of the world, and you observers. Ofcourse, we’re in the world and are watching it from somewhere.

Books are always written about the world. They are marks made by who someone tried to grasp the world, which are also uncertain copies of the world. I want to believe they must be founding a fact the answer they seek is not in their book, it’s always in the world. No world, No books. There is the world, and then we are in there, and we act in the place. How do you put this? “We come after the world?”

In our activities, we are a subject and the world is its object and its adverb. However it dosen’t mean The world comes after us. Some people say that “something is out there(as I described earlier this)” is just you’re thinking like that way, there is no sure thing. However, the truth is, some people are thinking in their minds in this world. Don’t break the natural order.

finaly, we can start an realisation from some facts: there is the world, and then we are in there, and we’re doing something in that space.



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